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The Late David Turpin rises again on September 13, 2013, with a new album, We Belong Dead , on CD and Digital Download.

A contemporary gothic micro-odyssey that twins themes of love and romance with imaginary folk narratives of human extinction and the return of the animal, We Belong Dead  operates somewhere at the intersection of Laurie Anderson and Hans Christian Andersen.  Recorded over three years, the album features contributions from a galaxy of collaborators, including co-producers Stephen Shannon (Strands, Adrian Crowley) and Hunter-Gatherer, guitarists Conor J. O'Brien (Villagers) and Colin Boylan (Bouts), violinist Cora Venus Lunny and vocalist Cathy Davey (who duets with a live donkey on the song "Like Bird and Beast").

We Belong Dead  includes the singles "The Hotel" and "Cloud", and also features the acclaimed filamentous biomaterial love hymn "Fur", previously heard on the Top Ten album Oscar the Hypno-dog , released in December 2012 in aid of Dogs in Distress.

We Belong Dead track-list: 

Ecclesiastes 3:19;  The Hotel;  A Warning to the Curious;  Bear of a Star;  Fur;  Howl;  Never to be Found Again;  Garland;  That's What Tears are For;  Like Bird and Beast (feat. Cathy Davey);  Cloud;  The Man Suit;  Fossils;  Deer Fable (feat. Cathy Davey and Hunter-Gatherer);  Human Hair/Prelude to "The Man I Love";  The Ballad of Essential Difference;  The Anaesthetist



The Late David Turpin previews his new sound world with an exclusive non-album track, "Emile" available for free download through Bandcamp for a limited time beginning August 7.  A lavish ballad with traces of Midnight Cowboy-era John Barry and early-80s New York minimalism, "Emile" was co-produced by Stephen Shannon and features a starry support cast including Cathy Davey, Gavin Glass, and virtuoso violinist Cora Venus Lunny.  "Emile" is the perfect overture to his eerie and elegant new album We Belong Dead, released on CD and digital download on September 13.  (Warning:  Contains a single curse word)




The Late David Turpin is delighted to present the new video for "A Warning to the Curious", the lead single from his forthcoming album "We Belong Dead" (out September 13).  A disco meditation on the loss of sexual innocence and the dark side of parenthood, "A Warning to the Curious" is 20 percent Philip Larkin and 80 percent Paradise Garage - and it's available to download from August 16 from iTunes.


Following his sell-out Fringe debut in 2012, The Late David Turpin rises again for a very special one-off theatrical concert to launch his new album, "We Belong Dead".  Taking place in Dublin's historic Smock Alley Theatre 1662 on September 15, the show sees David joined by a chamber choir and special guests to bring the dark and divine dreamworld of "We Belong Dead" to life.  Tickets are now on sale at:  http://www.fringefest.com/programme/the-late-david-turpin